Wealth/Financial Planning

Wealth & Financial Planning

We understand that families often face difficult questions related to the management of their wealth. We can provide your answers and assist your family to determine suitable asset allocation, define investment policies, set up an unbiased investment structure, and select asset and/or fund managers to suit you and/ your family’s wealth-management goals.

At TLH, our clients benefit from advice across a full range of tax efficient and effective structures and investments to support their financial and intergenerational goals. We always adapt our investment approach to the wider circumstances of the family.

 Our service offerings include:

  • Coordinating your overall financial affairs with your various advisors
  • Bill payment, payroll services, cash flow analysis and fund transfers.
  • Managing investment portfolios on a discretionary and advisory basis
  • Wealth structuring
  • Sourcing and advising on private capital investment opportunities.
  • Advising on matters of corporate finance for the family business and other commercial interests.
  • Investment Advisory