We are here to preserve not only your wealth but also your values and everything that matters to you.

Legacy is the one thing we all build during our lifetime (consciously or not). Our role at The Legacy Haus Multifamily Office is to ensure this is done deliberately, leaving no room for regret. We firmly believe that family offices go beyond passing down wealth from one generation to another.

Therefore, we are here to preserve not only your wealth but also your values and everything that matters to you.

We are a full-service multi-family office offering a comprehensive range of services covering all matters related to personal, family, business, asset, and lifestyle management and lifestyle management including preservation of legacies

Family Picture

Meeting your needs is our priority. We draw on our years of serving private clients and families to offer you unique multidisciplinary advice and innovative solutions tailored for your needs which ensure the longevity and sustainability of your legacy.


Our people uphold a high standard of integrity, confidentiality, and trust and we lead your team of professionals and collaborate with you. Our team will expand as your situation requires, with each professional bringing their specific expertise and all team members integrating their efforts to meet your goals and respond to your needs.

You can take comfort in knowing that we devote the time, attention, and expertise required to address every dimension of managing your affairs.

Our Purpose

To plan & preserve values, wealth and all forms of legacies

Our Vision

To be at the foundation of strong family structures in Africa

Our Clients

Our clients are individuals,  couples,  families, and family businesses that are intentional about their present and future plans, and ensure life doesn’t just happen to them. We address your specific needs and organise your structures.

Our Principles