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Protecting Your Legacy

Family Trust Services

We offer African families culturally sensitive advice to assist in establishing trusts that align with your specific goals and objectives. Our trust structures & advisory services are designed to help you safeguard family wealth and promote smooth intergenerational wealth transfer. Our service offerings include:

Family Governance & Legacy Planning

Our integral mission is to assist you in establishing family governance structures and facilitating open communication among family members to preserve family unity and shared values. We provide the institutional arrangements to manage your family identity, harmony and wealth. Our team of trusted advisers can answer your throbbing questions on how to safeguard your family values and identify roles and responsibilities. Our service offerings include:

Legal Advisory

TLH provides customised legal advisory services in cognisance of your day-to-day transactions. Our intuitive legal team and network of external specialists offer solutions for diverse legal needs. Our service offerings include:

Financial Planning & Private Wealth

We understand that families often face difficult questions related to the management of their wealth. Through our in-depth assessment, we answer your questions, curate tailored plans, and guide you through the journey of amplifying wealth.

At TLH, you benefit from advice across a full range of tax-efficient investments to support your financial and intergenerational goals. We determine suitable asset allocation, co-define your investment strategy, and select asset and/or fund managers to suit your wealth management goals. Our service offerings include:

Lifestyle Concierge

Your dedicated TLH relationship manager helps save your most valuable asset: Time. From travel to education to weddings etc., we take care of every aspect your life ensuring you enjoy ease and balanced schedules. By outsourcing all your personal tasks, we facilitate lifestyle administration. Our concierge services include:

Family Business Advisory

We assist to setup your businesses for succession and sustainable growth. This relates to key matters including corporate governance, compliance, succession planning, structuring, fiduciary services, and a range of corporate finance advice.

Our service offerings include:

Family Charities

We complement your involvement in social impact and philanthropic activities with the tailored support needed to engage in meaningful, innovative grant-making. We help you achieve your humanitarian aspirations by providing a broad range of philanthropic endeavours including:

Property Advisory

At TLH, we advise and act for our clients in all matters relating to residential property, commercial properties, and hotels. We support you with the following:

Tax Advisory

For maximizing generational wealth, we establish proactive measures to minimize tax exposure. To manage your income, trust, gift, partnership, or business obligations, we leverage our wide network of tax consultants to provide tax planning and advisory services to you. Our service offerings encompass the following:

Advisor Coordination

We understand that you may have several advisers: accountants, investment managers, bankers, lawyers, insurance brokers. We assist you to leverage the benefits of your advisers through effective coordination, because we have a picture of your financial life that no one other adviser has. We do this through:

Empowering African families for multigenerational wealth and legacies


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