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The shift to multifamily offices: Find out why

The traditional image of banking institutions is gradually fading, giving rise to a new era of wealth management. Today, discerning individuals and families seek transparency, objectivity, and access to innovative opportunities.

This shift has sparked a growing preference for independent wealth managers, leading to a surge in assets managed by Multifamily Offices. The reason behind this trend is clear: individuals and families are seeking attributes that traditional banks and fund managers often struggle to provide.

But what exactly is prompting this migration towards independent wealth managers, like multifamily offices, especially among Africans? Here are five key factors driving this shift:

1. Regulatory Constraints: Following the global financial crisis of 2008, stringent regulations were imposed on financial institutions to prevent future collapses. In response, many institutions turned inward, focusing on compliance rather than client service. This shift has led to a disconnect between institutions and their clients, with clients often treated as a collective rather than individuals.

2. Client Centricity: While many traditional banks and fund managers claim to prioritize their clients’ interests, the reality is often more complex. Public institutions may have conflicting agendas, such as pressure from shareholders for quarterly growth. In contrast, independent firms, like a multifamily office committed to fiduciary standards, prioritize their clients’ needs above all else, providing transparent and unbiased advice.

3. Personalized Services: Big Banks often prioritize operational efficiency, resulting in advisors managing large numbers of clients. This can lead to a lack of personalized service and individual attention. Family offices, on the other hand, prioritize personalized services and as such, they maintain smaller client loads, to ensure that maximum attention is given to each client.

4. Access to Top Talent: Talented advisors are increasingly gravitating towards independent firms, like family offices, where they can build meaningful relationships with clients and provide bespoke solutions. Big Banks’ practices of reallocating clients to junior advisors can disrupt established relationships and may not always serve the best interests of clients.

5. Access to Family Office Experience: Multifamily offices have the flexibility to offer a comprehensive suite of services, including family governance, philanthropy, and concierge services, to a wider range of clients beyond just HNI’s. This democratization of services ensures that all clients, regardless of wealth, have access to comprehensive financial & legacy planning solutions and family wealth management. It is more difficult for Big Banks and fund managers to provide access to these types of services to all clients. Therefore, only a select few generally receive these benefits.

As Africa’s financial landscape continues to evolve, The Legacy Haus is uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of African families and individuals. With a commitment to transparency, objectivity, and personalized service, The Legacy Haus offers a suite of services tailored to help clients navigate the complexities of wealth management and legacy planning. As a multifamily office, we provide holistic solutions designed to preserve wealth, foster intergenerational prosperity, and unlock new opportunities for our clients.

By embracing the shift towards independent wealth management, African families can secure their legacies and thrive in an ever-changing world. Join us at The Legacy Haus and embark on a journey towards building generational wealth and enduring legacies.

Empowering African families for multigenerational wealth and legacies


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